Puppy training

German shepherd puppy training

It’s very important to train your dog at its early stages, early training will help your dog grow while being able to extinguish between the good and bad behaviors. He will be able to know how to conduct himself while out for walks and also indoors. In this article we will g you some tips on how to train your puppy at tender age.

1.      How to stop a puppy from biting

It’s very important for one to teach his or her dog how to control bites.  This is where your dog has ability to control the force of his mouthing. When a dog learns bite inhibition with people, he will be able to recognize how human skin is very sensitive, this will help him not to bite hard when playing or socializing. If your puppy wants to bite your hand, in turn give him an alternative like a chew toy that is safe. Ensure you also give your puppy plenty of exercise each and every day, this will help him grow up fit and healthy.

2.      How to train a dog to walk on a leash beside you

There are reasons why dogs pull while walking; one is that they might want to explore there surrounding and also they want to move forward. It takes some time for your dog to get used to walk perfectly on a leash but one has to be patient. Below are the tips to train your puppy not to pull on leash;

  • Stop walking as soon as your dog starts to pull, he will also stop and start looking at you.
  • When your puppy looks at you, move few steps backwards and let your puppy follow.
  • Give him a treat and then move on with the walk.

Your puppy will soon realize that the tension he puts on the leash stops forward movement, thus he will stop pulling and will soon get used to walking behind you.

3.      How to stop my dog barking when out walking

Barking is common and natural for all dogs. Barking helps a lot as they alert the owners of danger. Someone approaching and many other, though some dogs bark any how without any issue.

When at home any your puppy or adult dog barks, approach where he is and observe what he sees, tell him everything is okay and that he should sit. Praise him for obeying and give him a treat. By practicing this, your dog will stop barking anyhow.

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