Puppy bath

How to give a puppy bath

Cleaning your puppy and grooming him well is an important thing to do. Many people don’t get to know when it’s the right time to give a puppy bath due to its young age. During the bath process, your puppy might feel frightened and fear water, he doesn’t understand what you are trying to do and why. We as puppy lovers, we have analyzed some tips on how to give a puppy a bath. Ensure you check them out below;

Before starting the following process, first ensure you have the right products with you.

1)     Comb puppy’s coat very well

Before getting your small dog wet, ensure you comb the coat very well to remove tangles and knots, ensure you use the correct type of brush depending on his coat. Ensure you do not forget to brush some parts like ears, groins and armpits. One can carefully trim the knotted fur, if your puppy moves as you trim him, ensure you get help of a friend to hold him in order to prevent accidents and cutting his skin.

2)     Prepare where you are going to wash your puppy

At first get to decide where to wash your dog. For large dogs, one can use the bathroom while for a puppy you can use a sink. When the weather is warm, you can choose to wash him outside with some warm water.

Choose the right shampoo that will enhance a healthy skin and coat for your dog. Note that human shampoo isn’t recommended on pets because it has a wrong ph for pets. One can consult a vet to get the correct shampoo for his or her dog.

Fill the tub with water and make the water temperatures conducive and comfortable for your dog.

3)     Wash and dry your puppy

Put your puppy in the tub, soothe your dog to keep him calm. Get the puppy wet, use a container to scoop water over the dog’s body. Ensure he is wet before putting the shampoo on. Wash your puppy’s face separately. Use a cloth dipped in warm water, avoid wetting the eyes.

Rinse the shampoo using clean water and drain all the soap. Rinse the dog twice or thrice to ensure all the soap is drained out to prevent irritation. Take your dog out of the tub and wrap him with a dry towel. One can use a blow dryer or let your dog dry out in the sun. if you are using a dryer, ensure you moderate the heat to prevent burns.

At the end you should give your puppy a retreat and ensure you wash your dog more often so that he can get used to it.

How often to bathe a puppy

A good rule and most favorable among many dog keepers is that one should wash a dog at least once in a month. When he gets much dirty, like rolls in mud, you can give him a frequent bath. For dogs with dry skin also you can give bath at least twice or thrice in a month, ensure you choose the correct dog shampoo for his skin.

can you bathe a 3-week old puppy

It’s not much advisable to bath a 3-week old puppy, there are some parts that you have to clean only; the potty areas and his face. Do not submerge him in a tub of water.

when can you bathe a puppy

Giving a puppy too many baths can remove oils in his coat and strip the skin. Bath him only when there is need, bath him after around 6 to 8 weeks after birth.

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